Why doesn’t JTR have a phone number!?

JTR does not have a call centre and we’re not set up to handle high volumes of phone calls, so a phone call would prove inefficient and potentially leave you more frustrated! More than often, we’ll need to do a little digging to answer your question efficiently and we’d far more like to answer your question in one go than have you waiting on hold or for call backs, when you could be using your time more efficiently.

The JTR brand is a modern company built online, including our customer support. Though you may receive an automated response everyone once in a while, all channels are manned by human staff who are eager to help you out, quickly and efficiently.

If we feel your problem would be better handled over the phone, then we will get in touch.

Please get in touch through only one method of contact as contacting through multiple channels may delay response times for you and other customers.